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Image of OH 248a - Cap

OH 248a - Cap

Baby's cap with overall embroidery in daisy pattern. Pattern is dainty branches with openwork flower with net inserts. Two decorative line-stitches with open hole and fern-lo=ike leaves down the center.

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H 131 - Pillowcase

Linen pillowcase with initials "S.C.T." (Sarah Cordelia Taylor).

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OJ 004 - Chain

Braided brunette hair chain, engraved connector and end fittings, missing ornament from connector.

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W 092 - Kit, Medicine

Small probing instruments, probably for use in the field; May have been used in World War One WWI. 9/91 description: brown leather kit with 7 pouches for razors - 6 razors in place - various makers - kit rolls up & ties.

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OCL 0050.2 - Dress

Child's dress made of ecru lawn and lace with embroidery on the bodice. The lace is around the waist, neck, sleeves, and bottom of the skirt.

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Image of F 427 - Hayfork

F 427 - Hayfork

A long metal cylinder with a ring on the top, a spring-loaded plunger and two prongs (barbs) at the bottom. Allyn Swanson of New Preston sent a photo of this farm tool to Earl Proulx of Yankee Magazine, whose return letter identified it as a hayfork. See Notes

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Image of D 208d.3 - Cape

D 208d.3 - Cape

Red waffle-weave wool cape with gros grain ruffle & ties at neck. Collar in three layers, with puff at back of neck

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Image of OCL 0835ab - Uniform

OCL 0835ab - Uniform

Man's jacket and trousers - A: Jacket, apple green, short in the front and tails in the back. Trimmed with black velvet on the collar and cuffs and gold buttons in the front. The back has two hip flaps and two gold buttons. B: Trousers of tan wool, fitted at the waist with buttons for suspenders, with a button fly.

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C 028 - Currency


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OCL 0716B - Undershirt

Knit undershirt trimmed with ribbon and lace.

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Image of 2011.33.68 - Masher

2011.33.68 - Masher

A wooden kitchen masher. Possibly used by the Swedish domestic staff at the Vaillant House on Old North Road.

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D 170a - Dollhouse

Dollhouse contents.

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Image of F 269 - Pen

F 269 - Pen

Round shaft with silver scroll design, 1". Top 4" mother of pearl, ending in a point.

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2010.44.54 - Napkin

One of a set of 12 luncheon-sized napkins with hem-stitching

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Image of G 142 - Plate

G 142 - Plate

White china teapot stand, round, flat, raised design around gold-rimmed edge. Oval panel in the center of plate depicts a B&W view of the Congregational Church on the Green. Labeled: CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH, WASHINGTON, CONN. Underside marked: Made in Germany for Watts and Cogswell, Washington Depot, Conn.

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Image of C (M) 026 - Medal, Political

C (M) 026 - Medal, Political

Silver-colored coin with hole drilled in top Obverse: Man Reverse: "The People's Choice" over log cabin with tree & flag flying below "The Hero of Tippecanoe"

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2010.44.4 - Blanket

Large, blanket - 2 pieces joined in the middle. Gold & wheat colored, loose weave, Deep hem along one end.

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IC-087 - Arrowhead

Poison tipped arrowhead.

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Image of OCL 0051 - Gown, Wedding

OCL 0051 - Gown, Wedding

Ladies' long brown pongee silk wedding dress with gather in the back. Plain skirt and bodice except the bodice has an insert of brown ribbon around the lower part of the neck and on the sleeves at the cuff and off the shoulder.

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Image of 2012.11.33 - Pin, Lapel

2012.11.33 - Pin, Lapel

A "35 Washington" lapel pin. The brass pin is divided into two sections connected by a fine chain which is attatched to the fasteners. The top section of the pin shows a General George Washington profile bust relief with the name "Washington" below it. On the back of the pin the innitials "M. J." are etched into the pin. The bottom pin is a small number "35" which hangs at a skewed angle. One possible theory for this pin is that it might be c ...

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